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Nickels Arcade

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Nickels Arcade

The bell jingles, “Come In!”

Beautiful bright colors and such a pleasant smell. “Aroma” is probably more fitting. A blend of pleasant scents. The shop is small, but not confining. Okay, I guess it is a bit confining. Merchandise is everywhere, floor, shelves, and refrigerators.

That’s okay. Like I said, the air in here is fresh and clean, cool, as well. And, the people are nice. They know why I’m here. Everyone in the shop knows why I am here. That’s okay.

Soon, mom walks in. She kind of shuffles, actually. She is wearing her walking shoes. Mass is over. Everyday, Monday-Friday, she attends mass at St. Mary’s. Religiously.

She is taking an extended lunch hour so she can help me, save me, teach me.

Mom: “What will she be wearing?”
Me: Blank stare with shrug

Mom: “No. Well, how about color?”
Me: Blank stare with shrug

Mom: “Strapless?”
Me: Really blank stare with big shrug

Mom: “No. Well, okay. We’ll find something I’m sure she will like.”

She always does.

Thanks, mom. Now, it’s out of Nickels Arcade and off to Frank’s for lunch. Just mom and me, and Margo’s prom corsage from the University Flower Shop.

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