Coffee Table Look-Book

In addition to the photos in our Gallery, ICONIC ANN ARBOR: Celebrating Ann Arbor’s Unique Institutions, Culture, Diversity, History, and Architecture will be available soon as a beautiful and decorative memory-stirring coffee table look-book! The book contains approximately 250 pages of roughly 70 photos, vetted histories, and reflections from folks like you and me who love Anns’ Arbor (Ann Allen and Mary Ann Rumsey).

As you click and turn the pages, you will once again remember the taste of the best ice cream in Washtenaw County (dare I say, ANYWHERE); the best grease in town; what it felt like to slide into 2nd base at Vet’s park; the first taste of pizza; falling in love under an arch; the beauty and peace of the Arb; and listening to beautiful music in the park!

You also may recall spilling beer while toasting a Michigan touchdown; saying “I do” in our beautiful houses of worship; standing in line for ridiculously delicious sandwiches; worrying about what to say… what not to say; reciting bar/bat-mitzvah; crying and celebrating the life and death of loved ones; walking away alone, but not lonely; the beautiful audacity at the way folks paint homes in a way that communicates independent personality; communing with goats at a farmstead established in the 19th century; gazing (quizzically) at modern architecture; sweating over final exams; being blown away by the beauty of magnificent and ethereal architecture.

AND so much more!

The 1st edition of ICONIC ANN ARBOR will be limited. Please fill out the attached Early Notification Form below if you are interested in being notified when this book of memories, history, and nostalgia is available.

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