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In addition to the photos in our Gallery, ICONIC ANN ARBOR: Celebrating Ann Arbor’s Unique Institutions, Culture, Diversity, History, and Architecture is now available as a beautiful and decorative memory-stirring coffee table look-book! The book contains 225 pages and 66 photos, vetted histories, and reflections from folks like you and me who love Anns’ Arbor (Ann Allen and Mary Ann Rumsey).

As you click and turn the pages, you will once again remember the taste of the best ice cream in Washtenaw County (dare I say, ANYWHERE); the best grease in town; what it felt like to slide into 2nd base at Vet’s park; the first taste of pizza; falling in love under an arch; the beauty and peace of the Arb; and listening to beautiful music in the park!


Iconic Ann Arbor Coffee Table Book sitting on a table

“ICONIC ANN ARBOR by Michael Samuelson reminds me why there is no place I would rather be than Ann Arbor, Michigan”

Lloyd Carr, Hall of Fame Former University of Michigan Football Coach

“Michael Samuelson’s ‘ICONIC ANN ARBOR’ is an inspiring and insightful portrayal of a town I’ve been honored to be a small part of for nearly half a century now! I’ve traveled widely and visited countless communities around the world, but I’ve never found anyplace with the energy of this special small town in southeast Michigan! ‘ICONIC ANN ARBOR’ helps bring the town alive!”

Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founding Partner, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

The photographs are astonishing and I can only imagine how long it took for each one to be composed and then captured in perfect light! I suspect that this volume will become a ‘must have’ for all those who love the town and the University.”

“For all of Ann Arbor’s many attractions — a vibrant arts scene, eclectic restaurants, historic architecture, an abundance of natural resources, and a world-class research university— its greatest asset is the diversity of people. No day is the same in Ann Arbor because of the dynamic, creative contributions of those who live and work in the community.”

Mary Sue Coleman, President Emerita, The University of Michigan, Past President Association of American Universities

Delivery time is estimated to be 3 – 7 days.

Iconic Ann arbor Coffee Table Book Cover
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