“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”
– Frank Gehry


My favorite form of exercise is walking. You get to see so much when you simply lace up your shoes and take to the busy thoroughfares or quiet, dusty backstreets. Alleys and avenues reveal interesting buildings, bridges, and glimpses into city, town, and village life.

Sometimes, what you see is wild and festive. Sometimes the scene is aesthetically pleasing, quizzical, or disturbing.

While walking, I look for leading lines, shadows, magical lighting, angles, patterns, and texture. Sometimes I photograph people in the scene. Sometimes I let the streets and buildings breathe, undisturbed.

Fine art photos should evoke emotion. They tell or invite a story. What’s at the end of the street? What are the people doing? Where did they come from? Would I like to be there?

When photographing buildings, I try to imagine what the architect had in mind the first time at the drafting table. If only those walls and cobblestones could talk. In the right light or from the right perspective, they do.

All images are available in black & white. Custom sizes can also be requested.